Selling ELITE 92,000+ Twitter

Country of followers (majority): Does not say, but its USA/Asia
Amount of fans/followers: 92,564
Topic/Niche: astrology (largely female)
Promotion methods used? (Organic/S4S/Follow Unfollow/Engagement Networks): Organic

Selling a very active twitter account with 92,000 + followers! Largely female audience. Gains organically. Got about 21M impressions in 7 days when working hard on the account (5 tweets per day maximum). Around 3-4% engagement rate. Before I took a break from the account, my tweet got 20,000 impressions in an hour. Pulls around 200-800 likes in an hour, depending on the tweet and time of day etc. This same tweet in 24 hours got 132,000 impressions. Gained 15,000 followers in about 2 weeks with consistent tweeting. This account and it’s theme can gain many followers per day by JUST tweeting. Account was unused since 2017, until I recently decided to get back into it and it’s been just as active as it was, if not more. This is why the 28 day screenshot only shows 7 days, as that was my first week back. 98% real followers according to an audit, proof can be given if need be. Willing to answer any questions and provide any information about the account or anything in general. This could easily be the largest astrology account on Twitter with a bit of work that I’m not interested in putting in. ALSO, does not come with OG email, as I bought it a few years ago without knowledge of that option at the time.


  1. I made this listing a few months ago when I was putting time into the account, I no longer have time for it and haven’t been tweeting but can prove to any potential buyer that the activity is still there with a few days of tweeting again… the most recent tweet after being inactive got 65,000 impressions, with consistency on the account this would easily be at 100,000+ impressions.
  2. When tweeting multiple times per day, many posts were going viral overnight with tweets reaching 10,000-106,000 likes. With that said, I will give all tips & tricks to whoever the buyer is to ensure they can continue to run this account with success!
  3. This account is elite by all means. It is priced to sell! Thank you

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Can be monetized?

I mean, ya

With what to monetize?

Whatever you want? There’s many ways to monetize an account

Had adbreaks like Facebook?

Hey ?


sent ^

Send me the link and final price.

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Handle please

send me handle plz and asking price or any offer


Looking to sell ASAP! Taking offers


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Pm username please


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