Selling massive +194k ig Account NICE ENGAGEMENT

Property type: Instagram Account
Amount of fans/followers: +194.400
Country of followers (majority): USA & Brazil
Topic/Niche: Celebrity
Did you use automation/engagement networks/tricks to build up the activity?: No
Price: Best offer gets the account!

Description: 900.000 to 1.200.000 impressions a week, making around 50$ a week, around 100 new followers per day, looking for a serious buyer with budget, want to get it sold because I can’t take care of it anymore as I don’t have time for it because of college. PM if interested for insights or anything you need. Want to sell it quickly!

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PM me the demographic (screenshot) and URL.


I have reviewed the property. While I believe the US doesn’t amount to 50% of the followers, other tier-one countries like Italy bring the count to our minimum. Also, this account relied on mild follow/unfollow methods in the past, but it seems like this account is in excellent shape and very active. It deserves a premium tag.

Thank you! I never relied on those methods though but I get what you mean. Thank you again for the premium tag

Pm details/screenshots please

waiting for an offer!

can you send username? thanks


Can you please send me the account name as well as screenshots of stats?

How are you making money from the account today?

Please send username :slight_smile:

dm url please

From partnerships and shoutouts

If you are really interested please pm me don’t do it for nothing, still looking for a buyer

If you change our account type to celebrity/fan page/ Justin Bieber you might get better messages. I asked for details because I thought it was a text post account not a fan page. Maybe others are doing the same.

Done (:

Still in sale

Please pm with username

Still in sale