Selling Reddit account - 11,462 karma, you make the offer

Selling my personal Reddit account that has 11,462 karma, one follower, and one silver award.
The account is two months old.
Account is not banned whatsoever, you are able to post freely in any subreddit you wish to use.
Payment through PayPal only. dfsdf

How did you grow it and how much are you looking to get aprox?

Grew it through commenting and posting, none of the karma purchased.

Would you do $500 ASAP and how would you transfer ownership?

Yes, and before the transaction, I’d send you the link of the account in direct messages so that I can verify I own the account. After the transaction, I will send you the username and password, and wait until you get into the account successfully, to avoid any issues with that. You can change the password and email, of course.

you have to deal through Swapd!

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