Selling SUPER ACTIVE Facebook Page 58,000 Fans

Property type: Facebook
Amount of fans/followers: 58,000
Country of followers (majority): United Kingdom & United States
Topic: Quotes/Funny Pics
Price: To Be Considered

Description: I have my Facebook page for sale. I have had this Facebook page for about 2 years after purchasing it from somebody. The posts I make on this page don’t receive tons of clicks or shares/likes. What is super special about this page is that when I post a link my audience are EXTREMELY active and click the links. My audience likes “sexy” type links. When posting around 5-8 links per day I used to earn around $1,000 per month. I made this money using MyLikes. People who have been in this game will know what MyLikes is. The problem I have is that MyLikes has shut-down so I can’t use it anymore. I have earned well over $20,000 with MyLikes with this page alone. I can provide ALL payment proofs.

I have also earned over $1,000 with Twilikes, similar to Mylikes but they seem to have stopped paying. I also used to own my own website to post links to this page, I used to earn about £70 a day with this but it used to take me 2-3 hours just to make the posts on my website. I now have a proper job so this Facebook page is being wasted.

I’m looking for somebody to either buy it, or help me monetize. It doesn’t look like much but this page is a GOLD-MINE! Please, don’t try and low-ball me. This Facebook page has made me over $30,000 in about 2 years. I can provide all of the proofs.

I am selling because I am being 100% honest, I am not the right person to be able to monetize this page any longer due to the reasons stated above.


Hi there, can you send me the URL and insights pls.

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PM me the url and stats, thx

Url insight and price.

Hi - please send url stats and asking price. Ready to purchase quickly. Many thanks

Send URL + stats, if this thing is good I will mark this topic Premium.

please send the url of page and stats

please pm url

Please send the details

Please send me url and price

Please send me URL and Insights. Also, please PM. I have a website which would be ideal for monetization with this page if your audience would be receptive to satirical comedy news similar to

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