★ SHADOW BAN REMOVE | Instagram unique service! ★

Instagram Shadow Ban Remove Service

Hi, I want to show you my new unique, and very smooth and helpful service!


  • Starts from 500$ for service.


  • Exponential growth of page
  • Increase in all stat numbers in account analytics
  • No shadow bans
  • Some of the posts will start popping on explore page with time
  • Massive increase in reach
  • Regular tips for growth and help with issues regarded to account.


  • 1- 7 days for service, usually 4-5d!


  • Link to profile/Username
  • Analytics for the week and month preceding the service

dm for more info, all the best! :moneybag:


how do you even know its shadowbanned the account…

If the account has tons of followers but they get a few likes and views on posts, it’s shadow banned.

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Your profile, despite a large number of followers, hasn’t been gaining new followers, enough likes and views for a while? Probably your account covered under shadow ban - write to me now to fix this and enjoy good stats again

What’s details? I have shadow ban from false community guidelines broke and IG has never reviewed them since appealing. Been 2 years. Story views went down by 15k since that

@Kamil pleas dm

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Anyone can vouch for this?

Any vouches? Interested if there’s