[SNAPCHAT] Easily the best adult snap on platform, multi-million subs, 200k+ views

Country of followers (majority): USA

Amount of fans/followers: Public story posts get 200k+ views easily depending on content. Latest post reached 100k views over 5hrs only. Continuous stream of new friend requests.

Topic/Niche: Adult

Promotion methods used? (Organic/S4S/Follow Unfollow/Engagement Networks): 100% organic

Description: Easily the best adult snapchat on the platform. Literally does not get better than this. Huge monetization potential - shoutouts, affiliate, EW, etc. Audience is predominantly male but plenty of female requests as well. Global audience skewed towards English speakers.

Fully secure, OGE will be included in sale, no phone number attached.

Happy to answer any questions.

New story:

Older post:


Great username so much free traffic

Dm me handle

Messaged. Still for sale, let me know.

You offering promo onit?

Depending on what is being promoted, maybe. Message me.

Please handle!!

You can make a lot of Cash if monetized correctly with this handle GLWS!!

This is still for sale, account keeps growing by the day. Do let me know.

Hello, I can take link thanks, and some insights :slight_smile:

Responded to everyone. This is still for sale. Let me know

Hey just wanted to follow up on this. You need any more data?

Still for sale, taking offers as well. Let me know.

Pls reply Pm

Messages everyone. Still for sale, motivated to sell

Sold yet? Or still available?

Still available, let me know