Snapchat Meme account

Country of followers (majority): According to insights, Texas is on top by 5%, then California with 4%, and Illinois with 4%

Amount of fans/followers: 10k-20k+ depends on activity

Topic/Niche: Clean memes/comedy

Original email included: yes, I checked account data, and the email that were registered listed first, wasn’t made in Gmail, so I just made it, both emails listed in account data will be included.

Promotion methods used? (Organic/S4S/Follow Unfollow/Engagement Networks): Organic & gave it a few shoutouts from my verified snapchat account, only like 2-3.


I am looking to see how much i can get for this account, I’ve been trying to post a lot lately but got not as much time as i used to. One of my co host quit so takes lot of my time.

You could easily be able to get 10k-20k+ if you post every hour.
I haven’t posted ads on the account yet, only something related to the account.

Account were made back in 2018.
The account received a copyright back in Oct 19 2020, But that’s because i posted videos back then. I only post pictures now.

Price and @

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Price please

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Sent both a pm above

I’d like to buy. DM me!

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Username and price?

Please verify your ID via @VERIFICATION

lowest bid ive got is 200$, whats your offer?


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