✓✓ Snapchat Verification [Gold Star] & Username Claims - $2,500 + Fees [Fast & Safe]


• We were able to deliver a few REAL MUSICIAN verifications offsite. If you’re interested in verification for other categories, we can try but the creator needs a strong presence on Snapchat and it’s not guaranteed.
• We don’t need access to your Snapchat account.
• We can also claim usernames if you already own them on other platforms, feel free to ask.

TAT: Usually 7 business days, but the max waiting time is 2 weeks.
Price: $2,500 + SWAPD fees
Payment Method: Bank Wire, Wise, BTC, ETH, USDT


Snapchat Username:
Legal Name:
Type of Content:
Link to Instagram:
Recent press:



Does typical musician PR work for this? And limits on username claims?

Yes, but ideally previously verified on other platforms

Haven’t tried a lot with username claims but we can try. They take longer around 30 days max

hey im ready to buy

I can pay 5000 to verify my account in the Middle East

Hi I am from Dubai I want to virfiy my account can you help me

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