Snapchat Verification Service (No pre-payment needed!)

Welcome to my Snapchat Verification Service. I will verify your profile on Snap and get you this lovely verification gold star :star:

Screenshot 2022-04-30 at 17.43.58

Price: $3,000 (No pre-payment) - only pay when you get verified!


  • Snap Username (Any amount of followers/subscribers):
  • Email registered to account:
  • Links to other social platforms (Need a strong presence here, or a verified tick):
  • Country creator/public figure based in:

*UK based talent usually verified same day!

If I don’t get you verified, you don’t pay.

Please PM me to discuss your account!.

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I’ll be your first client check dm

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what time need? what region?

Very interested. I want to buy, Sir.

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Thank you!

PM me @ii2hmed your details of who you’d like verified!

Discussing in PMs :+1:

Pmd you with details

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Replied & ticket opened :white_check_mark:

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Can you check your pm?

super service good luck

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3x tickets open and in process!

Feel free to message me if you want more details!

UK based creators will get verified same day if they have a strong presence on another platform! :uk:

Other creators based in different countries 1-10 days usually

Waiting for answer on my case

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Can you check your pm ??

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Dm Please please please

Is this still available?

Please check DM. Been unable to reach you.

Yes but at the moment slower than usual for countries outside of Europe!

Will reply shortly!

I contacted you in private and you broke with me. :sleeping:

Has this seller delivered for anyone on site?

Not yet!

Lots of messages, I will check in