Social Media Agency | $19,000 Of Revenues So Far in 2019!

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Website included?: Yes
Price: Best Offer


Created in December 2018, Social Avatars aims to help its clients expand their reach and grow their businesses by providing them with social media development services and high-quality social media pages. ‏‏‎

‏This business is easy to run as most of the work has already been done. A list of hundreds of clients and leads is included in the sale. Therefore, the new owner just has to keep following what has been laid down and can start making money right away.

Social Avatars has made $19,000 of revenues so far in 2019 ; $11,000 of which are actual profits as shown in the P&L and Paypal screenshots below.

The website has been built using Weebly and is easily transferable. The new owner just needs to create an account with a pro subscription. The domain name costs are already paid until August 2019. More info about these expenses can be found in the P&L statement.

So why am I selling this business if everything is going so well? Well, I’m running multiple companies and do not have the time to develop it further. To be quite honest, Social Avatars was also created as a personal challenge to prove to myself that this market is booming and that there are so many opportunities to take advantage of.

I will provide the new owner support up to 30 days after the sale to make sure he gets the best possible start and that the business, which as shown is in full expansion, keeps growing the way it has the last few months.

Assets Included:

  • Clients/Leads database
  • Full Business Model
  • Social Avatars Instagram Account: 8,000 followers
  • Social Avatars Facebook Page
  • Social Avatars Twitter Account

P & L - 2019 (1).pdf (48.9 KB)

what does the business do?

We provide social media development services, consulting services and social media pages to our clients to help them grow their brands and their businesses.

In other words: we grow accounts, we give advices and we sell accounts :slight_smile:

What accounts do you own

As of now, we’ve sold all the pages we owned expect Social Avatars Instagram, Facebook and Twitter account. The last two haven’t been developed at all which is a great opportunity fo the new owner to scale the business. We sold 16 properties so far in 2019 ranging from 18,000 to 250,000 followers. However, we can provide you with new pages at any given time. The full business model will be included in the sale as well as our client and supplier database.

We do have a few recurring customers for whom we provide growth services and consulting sessions.

The business has been appraised by Flippa at around $20,000:

By BizEx at $26,000:

Send me your offers on PM!

Would you be interested in selling the database?

Check your PM.

Thanks to everyone who has reached out so far regarding the acquisition of the business itself, some of its assets or partnership opportunities.

I’m still discussing all these options with various parties. But as of now, the business is still available so feel free to send me your offers on PM!

@swapd @Administrators Have you thought of an auction system like on Flippa? I’d love to use it for the sale of my agency and I think it would be great for other users as well and for Swapd in general.

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I believe it was something we wanted to introduce during this year but haven’t gotten around to it yet as we’ve been churning out other updates.


Allright, thanks for the reply. Hopefully it’ll get implemented soon.

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Revenues now $18,500 for 2019!

@Swapd Property still for sale. Can you re-open the topic?

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The business is still available.

Revenues are now $19,000 for 2019. Feel free to submit your offers.

Revenues now over $20,000.

Still looking for a decent offer. I can also sell the database separately should you wish.

PM if interested.

The business is sold. @Administrators please close this topic.

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