[SOLD] 11 super aged Reddit accounts with lots of karma (even gilded multiple times)



Property type: Reddit accounts.
Price: I would like 450 USD for the whole lot. (The previous price was 650, perhaps a tad overpriced but that’s how much good Reddit accounts were going for 1-2 years ago)

Also, one account is a moderator on a popular subforum!

These accounts were all cared for manually, no automation. Some of them are over 4 years old with lots of karma. A few of them have been gilded multiple times.

4 years old:

wgo P: 1592, C:248
10 P: 195, C: 87
gs P: 74, C: 195
d, P: 88, C: 2
r*****o P: 3, C: 159

3 years old:

wly P: 1, C: 4163
**k P: 24, C: 1911

2 years old:

wig P: 261, C: 3880
*p P: 1, C: 29

1 year old:

py P: 17, C: 169
*r P: 1421 C: 82

Like I’ve said, these are REAL accounts, with real comments, no generic “cool post,” “wow,” crap. None of them have an email tied to them (except the mod), so there is no way for the previous owner to get them back.


Still available!


Pm me with the price for each .


I’m looking for Reddit accounts that have lots posts related to health. Any of these accounts suited?


Currently, no. Reddit accounts are rare in our neck of the woods, I honestly don’t pursue them as they’re not worth much. I only purchased this from someone as it seemed like a nice bundle.


Still for sale.


Are there any career/job related accounts part of the bundle?


No. They’re accounts to a social place called reddit. They don’t belong to any category, just general chitchat.


Okay thanks! Sometimes reddit accounts hold mod rights for a subreddit in a specific niche :slight_smile:


Ahh yes, one account is a mod account, and the sub is VERY popular. But that’s the only one :confused: But I did have some good mod accounts in the past :slight_smile: If I get any more, I will let you know.


Forgot I had this, accounts are still valid, lowered my price, by a LOT!


Are they banned on any sub-reddits?


Is there any way to check that? Quickly?


Login to the account and there will be messages of being banned. When they ban you they send you a message.


OK I will do that if the current interested party doesn’t buy it, as I may already have an offer.


Great, let me know as I am interested to buy them if they are not blocked.



Interested in the 4yr account by itself if available. Please let me know. Thanks!


Sorry can’t do a single deal. I believe this is sold, just waiting on confirmation. If things change, I will update this topic.


Ok no problem. Cheers


Closing listing.