SOLD 288k Subs Non-Monetized but Monetizable USA Top Channel for Sale

Amount of subscribers: 288000
Country of subscribers (majority): USA
Topic/Niche: Pranks
Promotion methods used? (Organic/Paid/Engagement Networks/Software/Automation): Organic


Channel is NOT monetized but eligible for monetization.
Channel is silent for a long time.
Videos are on Private. Just today, placed 3 Videos on Public.
Recently bought it and SWAPD Audit Report is available in advance.
BTC is preferable as Payment. Otherwise Bank Wire.
Inbox for more details.


You reseller, you.

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Dang you bought it and posted it for sale the same day lol

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I’m planning to start work on it myself in few weeks. But may consider some new Owner if he needs it more than me. Lolz.

You beat me to it i was about to buy it lol

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Me after selling this Channel:



More fees for the same property? I’m game :smiley:



Hello. Can you show me the videos that are in your private folder? I want to see how they all performed.

Is this channel eligible to receive the 100k plaque or has it done so already?

ill buy right away if you send link of channel

PM more details please.

Pm me channel name and price. Thanks


Can you send me channel URL and what you want for it?


I don’t think I got the link for this yet. Please send link. I would be interested in buying but all prank videos and prank channels on YouTube are being removed and banned starting in April.

I sent you Link and Pranks Channels are not at risk. Only Dangerous Pranks Videos are at risk. And you can always change the Niche. Thanks

@Administrators Please CLOSE Thread. SOLD. Thanks