SOLD 440k Verified, Monetized Youtube Channel for Sale ($8000 FnF)

Country of followers (majority): India, Pakistan, Nepal
Amount of fans/followers: 440000
Topic/Niche: Humour/Comedy
Promotion methods used? (Organic/S4S/Follow Unfollow/Engagement Networks): Organic
1-When I first put it on Sale here it had 400k Subs and now Channel has reached 440k Subs. 1000 Subs in average adding everyday.
2-Revenue is $300-$400/month in average.
3-Language is Local (Hindi/Urdu) but Theme is Universal (Talking Tom)
4-No Strike whatsoever.
Ask specific questions and I will reply.
Finalizing the Deal is First Step. Asking for what currencies do I accept is Secondary. We can negotiate that later once Deal is Finalized. I’ll accept BTC.

@Swapd Please verify Stats as the previous Listing was automatically closed after one month.

pm url!

Up for Sale. Crossed 448k Subs…

450k Subs level reached finally.

Up for Sale… Update: 453k Subs reached.

Is this still available? Please share details?

@Swapd @Vincent @Jason

Please close it. SOLD. Thanks

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