My intention is not to trash ur sales…

With or without oge is not a thing… but I just clarified that jeopardize concept that’s all… sorry if that’s mean :blush:

Good luck with ur sales

I don’t think so…!

Well, if anyone wants to buy the account they can write a contract. But. I ould also get screwed over because they could pretend I pulled it back. I wouldn’t jeopardize my name as a scammer. I have done tens of thousands of dollars of deals over Instagram since I have been 15 years old. I’m now 21. Thanks for the luck. Do you know if accounts do get sold often on here or should I look elsewhere? I really need the cash to invest in another project ASAP.

contracts aren’t a magical thing tho. especially over the net signatures are next to nothing.

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pm me this please.

They are when you provide an ID and especially live in the United States as I do. Not sure why you’re trying to trash my thread. Just going to ignore you people.

Still looking to sell this. Thanks!

believe nobody has even made an offer yet.

Can you send me a link to the page please sir

Please message handle. Thank you.

Please message the handle.

handle and bo please

Messaged everyone the handle, showed all the demographics. Nothing but timewasters. You see the price, description, and demographics, ask for the @ and don’t say anything.
makes no sense. people like this should be banned

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Sent it to you. Get back to me.

send me the the handle and demographics

demographics are literally shown man?

Maybe stop being defensive and so rude? Everyone is trying to help you, it seems. This place welcomes good sellers who are understanding. Good luck with the sale


when people waste my time, I can act defensive.

I dont think so. When someone wants to buy something with their hard earned money. They have the right to ask questions and to check the merchandise.


Where am I being rude? People are asking me questions that have been shown.