[SOLD] Verified Instagram account - blue tick ☑

Country of followers (majority): Spain
Amount of followers: 4105 (all of them real)
Topic/Niche: Sports

I sell my verified Instagram account, you will be able to change all data (including username if you contact support once you receive the account).

I prefer to get paid in BTC since taxes in my country are too high (50%) and I have other businesses, I also accept PayPal and other methods, but it will be more expensive.

Feel free to send me a PM and ask for anything.

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Ill be happy to buy this. Can you tell me the user name?

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Sent you a PM :yum:

I’m very interested in this,
Can you please pm me with the link to the account and how did u manage to get verified badge, I mean, if it was done legally or not.


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Hello Yair,

PM’ed you.

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Can i have the username. ? And i think we have to use swapd checkout its the safest and as long as u are posting here then u should be using it …

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Hello, please PM me username wanna buy this ASAP

Account has been sold. If I ever have any other verified account I will create a new thread in the future. Thanks to all who asked.

Remember I also sell a verified Twitter account on this thread: Verified Twitter account - blue tick ☑

Staff can close this thread.

Locked, thanks for letting us know.