Spotify Playlist Network

Country of followers (majority): US/Canada/UK
Amount of fans/followers: 50K followers
Topic/Niche: Spotify Playlist Network
Promotion methods used? (Organic/S4S/Follow Unfollow/Engagement Networks): Organic/Keyword Ads

Description: I haven’t really seen any other playlist networks on this website and it is a social account so I figured I’d put it here. This account has around 50,000 followers across 2 playlists. These are mainly Spotify playlists that are built to bring exposure to artists willing to pay a fee. We have been running this account for just over a year now as part of a bigger network but our clients have less of a need for a Sad Music / Sad Rap audience. This is a great playlist network for someone who is looking to become a curator in the Hip-Hop / R&B genre as this is a very active playlist. With this network, you’ll be able to take submissions by email and charge accordingly (just like an Instagram shoutout). Submissions so far have been coming to our email in the description without any effort put in by us. This playlist could make anywhere from $1000-3000 a month depending on how you maintain it. We ran $100 campaigns on the playlist every month just to keep the playlist ranking higher on the Spotify keyword search and it has done great wonders (more information can be given about these campaigns during the checkout ticket).


Price is negotiable, we’ve gotten offers but I’d rather sell it on a platform like SWAPD since I won’t be getting scammed.
Any fees on SWAPD will be covered by the buyer (unless you are Verified/VIP).

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Pm handle



Pm me the link, very serious buyer


Done and Done

Being a top tier artists on Spotify, I can vouch that having a playlist with 50,000 followers is notttt valid now a days, I have 120,000 monthly listeners based off of two songs released this year…$8000 is STEEP when realistically you could’ve bought the followers, buy plays to confuse the consumer, and buy saves. I’d like to see an analytical chart from the beginning of the playlist to the end, this is scamy when you charge $8000 to be on playlists. 3rd party services are $2000 at most to get place in upwards of 500 playlist with guaranteed traction that follows the artist, UNLESS this is a Spotify editorial playlist, this can’t be worth $8000. I’ve been on a playlist with 2.5M listeners and can already lyk that that wouldn’t even be worth $2000 and Spotify curates that playlist.


send link

Can you send me new screenshots

is this still active? can i get the handle?

Super interested, I cant pm you?

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