Spotify - Verified User Account (not artist!) | "This is.." playlist

Hello SWAPD!

Today I offer you special Spotify services!

Verified Spotify accounts - NOTE these are not artist accounts!

Accounts are empty - ready for personal use, there are no followers, playlist data etc.

You can easily change all details like image, username, email without losing verification badge!

Zrzut ekranu 2024-02-4 o 19.57.27

Some of benefits:

  • Better search position
  • You can add hyperlink to playlist description
  • Can be useful for other platform verifications
  • Looks nice, doesn’t it? : )

:dollar: Price: 240$ + fees

:exclamation: Special price for first customers!

“This is Playlist” special for your Spotify Profile! Start your growth as an artist today!

:dollar: Price: 220$ + fees

:exclamation: Special price for first customers!

:email: Feel free to DM in case of any questions!

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