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Marketwatch press release for 3.5k? hahahahah

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How many other sellers are actually able to do an institutional press release -(if you know what that actually means and how it is done) on Market Watch on this platform? Let me know hahaha! I bet none! :joy:

Don’t mind it buddy but your prices are very much higher.
Entrepreneur.com author profile cost is almost 80% higher then the normal prices.

As well as marketwatch press release is just too much

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The prices had me dead lol

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Please note that I don’t offer Entrepreneur author profile in this listing! You must have misread it.

You can get cheap marketwatch unauthenticated press releases for probably $10 or $15 but that is not an institutional press release. An institutional press release is for companies that are listed on Stock Exchanges, where the ticker symbol is displayed, along with other key factors such as price. It is something that is released in a timely manner in correlation with the materials the institution submits to the SEC.

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I don’t get what do you mean by institutional press release share a sample maybe.

Hey, need best price and TAT for Wall Street journal, New York Post, Financial Times UK, The Times, The Daily Mail? Need B2B agency pricing please

I’m a full-time trader and run 2 stock-related publications. The Marketwatch listing is NOT overpriced. What he is offering is not useful for anyone outside the Stock world.

I know because i use these services, it’s VERY hard to get your ticker symbol in the title of the article.
Most of the time they are rejected, the idea is you would get an unpopular Ticker in the article with other popular tickers. This is NOT easy to do. |

If this is not what you need then yes Marketwatch is very overpriced through this seller. But if it is, this is an OK price, I get it cheaper at $2.5k but still, these are the kind of prices you can expect.

PS. I’m not affiliated with this guy nor have I ever spoken to him, but thought i would shed some light on this, as this sales thread was getting unfairly attacked.

If he can do it, and I were @SWAPD I would mark this as premium as its very rare service, that i haven’t seen offered a lot, just my $0.02


This man is a really great person, I definitely recommend you to work! :pray:

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Can I see NY TIMES, Bloomberg and TechCrunch examples? TAT time as well. Thanks

Still available??

Can we get the prices for the following publications

Fast company

Tech crunch
High times (non sponsored)

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hi can i get the list with pricing and samples? Interested in quite a few of the preimum publications thank you.

Is this still available?