SWAPD Feedback system

SWAPD Feedback is a simple user review system, where buyers and sellers can comment on their experiences while leaving a 1-5 star rating. These ratings add up to represent the overall quality of the buyer/seller (reputation score). SWAPD has a few rules and guidelines that all members should follow when adding a review for someone.

SWAPD Feedback guidelines

  • Buyers/sellers may only leave feedback for items they have bought or sold.
  • Only one feedback per item/service. Users are also limited from posting more than one feedback per 24 hours per member.
  • Buyers/sellers are required to leave a ticket number with their feedback. If one is missing, the receiving member may dispute the feedback by clicking the dispute button.
  • Adding fake feedback is ground for account termination.
  • No vulgarism and/or name-calling. The feedback system is a place to discuss the service/item purchased, and not for personal attacks.
  • Sellers are NOT allowed to ask for reviews on completed tickets which they received a transaction badge for. Buyers, however, can ask sellers for feedback on previous tickets, as they didn’t get awarded for past transactions.
  • Reviews for failed transactions (uncompleted) are allowed.

You can view your own review panel by visiting this link: https://swapd.co/my/feedback, or by clicking the star icon in your pulldown menu, or from your profile settings. To leave feedback for another member, simply click his avatar and press the Feedback button.