SWAPD going multilingual - What are your thoughts?

In the never ending quest of expanding, we’re circling back to the idea of going multilingual, and opening new categories for users who do not speak English. Right now, we’re toying with the idea, but we want to hear your opinions.

Is there a market for our services in your native language?

We would love to know. Converting SWAPD into a multilingual website (UI) won’t be that hard. It’s the customer support that’s a challenge. However, since our staff already speaks multiple languages, we already have a few bases covered. The rest, perhaps we could hire some of our long timers and work out a deal (support for a share of revenue).

Please elaborate whether another SWAPD exists for (example) the Spanish/Turkish/Arabic/French/etc markets. If not, how do people who don’t speak English trade?



Como esta SWAPDoro usero.

esto funciona muy bien!


That’s gonna be super complicated. :exploding_head:



So far no constructive comments. I knew I can count on y’all. NOOBITOS!

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Pourquoi pas.

Use google translate lol

Doesn’t always work well, especially on some languages, and on many slang terms.

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היה לפני איזה 6-7 שנים אתר כמו זה אבל הוא נסגר מזמן. עכשיו לפי מה שאני רואה הרבה עושים עסקאות כאלה דרך קבוצות פייסבוק וקבוצות בוואטסאפ.
תתרגם את האתר לעברית יביא לך לפחות 3 לקוחות חדשים

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wow you learned Hebrew for me? That’s so cute

We are not here for chit chat. I think it will be enough to know basic English to do business. Please spend your energy, money and time on other things. We don’t need a multilingual Swapd lol


Thank jew!

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I partially agree, but it’s also important to note that what truly sets SWAPD apart from competition, besides safety & security, is that we actually have a community. SWAPD wouldn’t be the same if there was no room for discussion & chit chat.

There’s a major gap in this industry due to language barriers, and we’re not helping it, nor capitalising on it, by forcing new users to speak English.

Judging by how this idea has been discussed in our backroom, there likely wouldn’t be much of a change for existing users. Those users who don’t speak English, can message you in their own language, and the system would automatically translate it to English for you. When you respond to them in English, your response gets translated to their language. We wouldn’t fragment the site into a separate SWAPD instance for Spanish/Korean users. We would be adding a translation layer between users, so everyone can communicate in their own language.


Unë flas vetëm Shqip. A mundet SWAPD staff të më ndihmoj?