TELEGRAM channel / group VERIFICATION (from scratch or already exists) THROUGH PORTAL

Service type: Telegram verification
Price: 3500$


I can create a CUSTOM username blue badge verified Telegram channel for you. :white_check_mark:

The time I need is 7-21 days maximum for the username and channel to be prepared for verification and for you to receive the finished channel. :watch:

I will create a new Telegram verified channel under the username and name you want. :man_artist:

The channel can be business and personal, crypto, nft, and many others. :closed_lock_with_key:

There is a chance that the price will be cheap and time will be faster if you already meet some conditions. Like verified instagram on username you want.

I can also verify existed channel / group, without requiriments for 5000$ !

TAT: 1-15days

Send me link

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