✓ Telegram Verification Service (WITHOUT REQUIREMENTS) | Diamond Club Member

Service type: Telegram Verification Service

Price: $3000 + fees (pref crypto)

T.A.T: 1 - 14 days

Hey everyone, I am a reputable seller of Verified Accounts on SWAPD. I am able to acquire Telegram Verification Badge to any channel / group / bot, any niche. There are no requirements except that you need to add me as an admin.

NFT, Crypto, etc are indeed possible.

  • No PR Requirements,
  • Quickest TAT - 1 to 14 working days on maximum side,
  • All Channel/Group/Bot profile accepted,


  • You have to make me admin



Waiting for your reply to make a deal

Is this the emoji pack lmao

Telegram don’t offer pink verificaiton partner , this is an emoji pack can show you how to do for free

you can’t put that emoji on channel only on username of accou t



what you are talking about, you can do by buying premium telegram (for your private account)

you can’t do it per channel/group

Reply to DM bro, I’m ready when you are.

I think he just has a color theme in settings, but you can’t do that Premium thing for channel or groups.

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You have no idea what you’re talking about, telegram verification is more than a theme

Huh? I was saying verification is legit. It’s just the theme changing the badge’s color. Lol.

Ah apologies, I mis interpreted your message

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Please reply to my dm!

sry a lot of work last days, already replied!! :face_exhaling:

OP is extremely slow with replies, I’m very confused if his head is screwed on. Messaged 10+ times and can’t get back to me… please reply to my queries !

bro i was moving to new apartment :skull:

Bro a potential customer messaged you for 5 days straight, please reply. I’m so confused why you’re so eager on ignoring.