The Source Magazine - 2600$ PERMANENT Post

Service type: Press Release
Price: 2600$

Description: I will get you on the source PERMANENT post. Permanent post and guest post are 2 different things. If interested shoot me a DM and I’ll tell you the steps how the process is done

Can you send an example of the difference??? Also a sample

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Permanent post means your article will stay there permanent on the site with out it being taken down. Guest post means that with in time your article will be taken down

That’s not true. A guest post is a contributor article. Are you selling staff placements?


We get real placements And even a guest post not anyone can contribute You have to be in the loop

is it full featured without sponsored tags? can it be used for verifications

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The source magazine has to have one of the worst layouts I’ve seen for a hip-hop magazine do they even invest on their platform? Lol

However it does have a lot of authority, but upon a quick audit you can get I would say 95% of all the traffic if they are going to posting you on their instagram (1M) and/or (twitter 700k) an article is just meh

Besides putting it it on the top 5 first links to get verified, I feel like it all comes down to wether of the person who verifies knows what’s up and how important these outlets are

Which magazine do you mean? please mention in your topic.

The source magazine

Thanks for confirming.

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