Tik tok verification

Service type: verification blue tik
Price: 750

I’m able to verify tik tok accounts all niches . Not verifying fake accounts for people . All accounts must represent the real person etc . I’m willing to do first 5 people no prepayment to build reputation .

Types of accounts
Athletes , musicians , public figures and more


Being verified on Instagram Twitter ect . If you have a large following on tik tok a few hundred k that will also boost your chances of approval .

All submissions are done using the tik tok team

Few hours to a week

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Do you need press ?

Yes must be verified on ig ect

I mean recent press within the last 6 months

No that does not matter

What if the account only has Snapchat verification and no press? It’s a podcast.

Dm me

Shop is open this week get your orders in



PM sent

I wrote to you privately

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