TikTok creativity fund

Hi all, looking for some help from someone who knows about this.

We currently have the TikTok creator fund on our account and have been earning for views this way for a long time. However, we would like to get access to the creativity beta program to earn more.

Does anyone know if we need to leave the creator program first? The option for the beta program isn’t showing for us, just the creator fund.

Any help would be appreciated

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(Retrieved from Creativity Program Beta, Effect House Badges, and Ambassadors Program | Creator Portal | TikTok)

How to join the Creativity Program Beta:

  • If you’re already enrolled in the Creator Fund, you can apply through Creator Tools > Creator Fund > Dashboard > Switch. Once you join the Creativity Program Beta, you can’t switch back to the Creator Fund.
  • If you’re not currently in the original Creator Fund, open the TikTok app and tap Profile at the bottom of the feed page > > Settings > Creator tools > Creativity Program. You’ll be notified whether your application is successful within three days after you’ve applied.

Thank you! I’m not seeing a switch option on the dashboard anywhere though….

I’m worried that if we click to opt out, the creativity program still might not appear and then we’re left with nothing

Hmm… Might be an eligibility issue or something else? Really not sure.

If I were you, I would reach out to TikTok support via email or support ticket.

@TikTokSupport on Twitter/X is also responsive.


Thank you. Support ticket raised 3 days ago but no response yet. Will keep waiting

Update: the issue is that the country on our account is set to Egypt. This is not correct and we are based in the UK. The problem is that the UK is not in the country list so we cannot change it (many other countries like USA are also not in the list)