TikTok Follower Growth For Any Account; 100% real followers

Service type: Bulk TikTok followers
Price: $0.025 per follower, $400 minimum spend for 16,000 followers, discounts for bigger buys


Selling real TikTok followers in bulk

I own a network of apps where people discover new TikTok accounts to follow and I am able to get virtually unlimited REAL followers for any account. Usually accounts get a few thousand followers per day but it varies. There is no real limit to the number of followers we can acquire for your account. Bigger numbers just take more time.

Note followers are global with about 25% US/UK/AUS. I am unable to target countries or genders but note that these users will check out the promoted profile and choose to follow it-- so they are engaged. Similar services use bots or paid armies of people who follow accounts-- this is very different.

It takes 10k followers and 10k views in the last 30 days to be accepted into the TikTok Creater fund which allows accounts to make money.

Rates start at $0.025/follower with a minimum purchase of $400 for 16,000 followers. Rates are negotiable with bigger buys. I accept payment via Paypal, wire, BTC, or ETH.

If you are interested in testing for under the minimum, feel free to try my Android app TikFollowers:


Big vouch for this service. Gained me pretty fast & 100% real followers.


Pm me - i will buy it off you

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updated ^^

Are you able to target certain niches?

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no. the users self select which accounts to follow but i have no targeting ability.


Can you target U.K. and USA ???

about 25% of the followers are US/UK but no, I cant specifically target them

Is the app only on android?

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Yes, right now

How much for 20k?

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Updated ^^^^^^^^^^

updated ^^^^

You say 100% real off apps. This seems just the same quality of the SMM panels. They are low quality accounts because they follow a lot of people. How about organic growth with shoutouts?

Haven’t had complaints about the quality of the followers. They self-select to follow accounts so they have some level of interest. They are real consumers-- not an army of people paid to follow accounts. Also we over-deliver the number of followers to account for any users who may unfollow which happens a small percentage of the time. Ultimately engagement on TikTok videos always depends on the quality and quantity of content posted.

but if they follow you they should be interested in your content regardless, you definitely just made it seem like its a bot service which that quote

All I meant was that a lot of followers does not automatically translate into viral videos. It does give you a higher probability of virality but the content needs to be good and you need to post often. It sounds obvious but some people don’t focus on those things.

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How much for 300k?

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I DMd u