TikTok Recovery Service

Service type: TikTok “Account Locked” Recovery

Hii!! :kittyblush:

Ever experienced this issue?
Quite the painful thing huh? :sadcat:

Well, look no further because thanks to my service we can put an end to this problem! :shakethecat:

:bangbang: Requirements:

  • Accounts username
  • Sign up date including month and year (try looking through your mailbox for the first email from TikTok)
  • Recent login location ( city & country)
  • Recent login devices (include your phone model please!)
  • Phone number ( bound to desired account)

:coin: Pricing:

$550 + SWAPD fees

:stopwatch: TaT

Approx. 2-10 business days



No pre payment ?

As for the nature of this product i require prepayment if you’re not a vip status and above to preserve my time and be sure of the deal.

can unban accounts too or just lockd?

bump, still available!