Hey y’all!
With my partner, we’ve found a method by which we can CLAIM TIKTOK USERNAMES. We are able to obtain GENERIC and NON-GENERIC names. In order to claim the username of your choice, all you have to do, is send us this handle. The name you want to claim must have at least 180d of inactivity.

This is a stable method that I have been using for six months. There’s also a method that I am testing - it is more expensive, but faster. Here is the link to the post.


  • You must have this name on another social media
  • The account from which you want the name must be inactive for at least 180d

Price: starts $1,500 + fees

Time Frame: 1-21 days
(usually up to 10d)


why should you choose madej’s services?

  • reputable seller (top 15 on site, top 1 in TikTok niche),
  • over $455,000 in sales on SWAPD only,
  • over 185 positive reviews on SWAPD only,
  • swapd partner,
  • in the tiktok industry for over 2 years,

check my main thread with all listed services on tiktok
message me now and let’s do some business! :moneybag:
madej :100:

GLWS! :gem:

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thank you broskI!!

bump bump, grab your desired username :sunglasses:

@madej is this GOAT! :goat: He claimed an username for me fast asf!

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bump bump, grab your dream username! :goat:

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Sent you a PM.