Tiktok Verification Submission | Real Public Figures

Service type: Tiktok Verification Submission Service
Price: $1000 + SWAPD fee / no pre-payment required for VIP or above
T.A.T: 10 - 15 days

Hey ya’ll.

I’m providing TikTok Verification Submission service here on SWAPD.

We recently verified a few profiles and would love to provide this service here on SWAPD.

The recent application took 8 days to successfully get badged.


  • Must be verified on Instagram or YouTube
  • Should be active on TikTok
  • Should have a few posts per week (more the better)
  • Need 6 - 10 Editorial News in good authority sites

Further information is needed to process the application submission. However, I will only ask you for this once I determine you are a real public figure.

Please DM me the following information when you send me an inquiry:

  • Full Legal Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Links of News / PR
  • Links to verified social media platforms

Looking forward to crushing it with all of you!


Verified a client in one day :kissing_heart::kissing_heart:

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@TripleHHH Thank you so much brother :100:
Was a pleasure working with you.

Another client got verified in a single day. Offsite today.

Let’s get the ball rolling guys :100: Let’s get you or your clients verified.

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Any PR blacklisted? I’m interested

Please Check DM

Got another client verified today on SWPAD. Took around 5/6 days because of the weekend.
Hit me up. Let’s work together :tada::100:

Commenting to keep a note. Will be working soon! :handshake:

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Fastest TikTok verification I have experienced so far! Less than 24hours! Awesome work! 100% recommend!

Do you accept wise or wire transfer as a payment method?

Thank you so much for your wonderful feedback. It was a pleasure working with you. :100::tada:

Sorry I only accept crypto (USDT). Good thing is you can exchange your currency here on SWAPD with some reputed members.

Really appreciate it. Looking forward to work with you soon. :pray:

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