TOKEN ready for launching, I selling the entire token idea, ready website, ready white paper, ready all…

Service type: i sell all done job
Price: Contact


I promise the idea is not stupid. Just give her a chance to see her, all you have to do is press the button and everything else is done. Website, Idea, realization, it’s up to you to set the price of the pressale press and start…

My only “problem” is the following.

On the website, I want to achieve three presale prices and the last launch price, which is higher than any before that.

That brings me full circle…

If I set a low price, the tokens might sell out quickly…

if I set a high price (maybe in the end I won’t get enough from the move to cover the liquidity pool of the starting price)

I already have 20 investors who would buy in total for $20-30,000

I’m not afraid that this idea can’t be sold… it can be either way, I just need someone to guarantee that it will cover the liquidity pool fee… in case it doesn’t sell as planned (which is a really small chance )


Dm me more info