TRADE Dropshipping store w/ IG account

Domain name: Will be provided to interested people .
Website included?: Yes
Price: I will trade it with an IG account .

Description: Website is fully finished and ready to start making sales .
The theme used in this website has many features installed into it so you will also benefits by saving more than $2119 PER Year ON Apps Fees!


-Increase Visitor Trust
**-Show latest sales (Live mode)
-Save on Acquisition Cost
-Creates fear of missing out.
-Show fictious sales if no customers


-Increase your profit
-Increase your Average Order Value Instantly
-Offer complimentary items easily
-Improve the customer experience
-Upsell any collections or products


Automatically adjust $ to the country
-Proven to Increase Conversion
-Feels more comfortable for your customer
-Convert better
-Increase trust


Take that last chance before your visitors leaves
-Create an irresistible offer
-Collect email for newsletter
-Create a momentum
-Give a reason to buy now


-Your mega menu always looks clean
-Increase the user experience
-Promote discounted product inside
-Showcase : collection, product, menu


-Create Instant Urgency
-Create a Fear of Missing Out
-Leverage the Most Powerful Human Emotion
-Make People Act Faster
-Give a reason to buy now


-Less Step = More Conversion
-Skip the Cart Page
-1 Click to Checkout
-Increase impulsiveness
-Save time to your customers


-Urgency Designed Cart Page
-Increase your Reach Checkout
-Designed for Conversion
-2 checkout button
-Set time limit to buy

Some Other Features integrated into the theme:

  • Scarcity with number left in stock
  • Currency converter for worldwide customer
  • Remaining stock progress bar
  • Visitor counter to hurry your customer to buy faster
  • Trust with estimated delivery time
  • Increase trust with security badges
  • Increase curiosity with Read more button
  • Product image zoom for more details
  • Direct to cart or checkout button
  • NEW* Button shaker
  • Mega menu for better organisation
  • Promotion header strip
  • Improved search with product focus

In Conclusion you get a powerful converting theme , and all you have to do is just do FB Ads , and get sales , the niche is very easy Targetable and NOT SATURATED .

The best thing about this store is that can become a successful Brand as the competition in this Niche is not high . And you can really create a nice passive income with this if you juat put some hours in marketing when you start it. You can build the most Famous Brand in Baby Clothes Niche with a little work.

Contact me for any offer :slightly_smiling_face:

Anyone who has an IG account and want to trade with the store PM me :slight_smile:

What type of if are you looking for?

I sent you a PM.

What IG should be in for the trade?

send me the link of the store too please

I sent you a Pm too. :facepunch::facepunch:

Up :v::v:



Still up for a trade :blush:

pm link thanks

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