Transferring ownership of Instagram accounts

Hello, I would really value your advice on the best method to transfer ownership of an Instagram account once sold.

So far I have this process:

  1. Add the buyers email address as the account email address in settings
  2. Give them the password - the new owner logs in.
  3. For bigger accounts, Instagram will likely detect a log in from a new location and require verification by email.
  4. New owner will get the verification link/password reset link in their email
  5. New owner should follow the steps to reset the password [i’ve been told they would only click the verifcation links from their phone - not from their PC].

Would you add/change anything?

Specifically concerned about adding the buyer’s email address to the account settings - would you do this or would you ideally already be using an email account you don’t mind giving to the buyer - this way Instagram wouldn’t be alerted.

Many thanks

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Edit: If you’re looking to transfer your Instagram account safely, please use this guide:

If you’re using a throwaway email, give it to the buyer. Since it’s throwaway, you won’t need it anyway. There is one more step, you should provide the buyer with the disavow link Instagram will send to the old email on file. Don’t open it, just copy and paste it to the buyer. Tell him/her to open it and click “It was me.”


Awesome. Thank you.


Here is a good tutorial on transferring Instagram accounts: