SWAPD Reviews - Now gone :D

Should setup on Google My Business, there are listings for active cults that stay up on there.

Who cares about trust pilot? Meh, screw them!

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Don’t say that, believe me there are a lot of people.

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Let’s do a negative reviews to trustpilot, on trustpilot !


List of companies that hate us:

(hate us so FAR)

  • Facebook (banned)
  • Instagram (banned)
  • SnapChat (lawyers)
  • Fiverr (lawyers)
  • Forbes (lawyers)
  • TrustPilot (banned)
  • PayPal (banned multiple times, restored at the moment)
  • PaxFul (banned)
  • Binance (banned, calling us scammers)
  • CoinBase (banned, calling us scammers)
  • CoinMama (banned, calling us scammers)
  • Santander (temp banned)
  • TransferWise (now - Banned
  • Apple Inc (AppStore) - Banned

I know there were more. I just don’t remember them all.


Are they saying this because there are too many fees going in and out??

if so, a reminder to them that they are the biggest scammers with the fees they cut per transaction…

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Why am I not on the list?

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You guys connected to the gate brothers or what is the matrix against you too?:joy:

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A lot of people that cares? Or a lot of people to screw? :sweat_smile:

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What’s the story with these 3? I mean what’s the issue that caused them to hate us and be in a legal battle?

Certain services users have listed on-site.