Twitter Generic & Non Generic Claims +5L [100% GUARANTEED]

I would like to extend a warm welcome to everyone to this unique service.

After months of claiming usernames off-site for my clients, I have decided to extend this service to my Swapd friends at the most affordable prices ever.



  • Takes 30 days
  • Claimed on fresh account


  • 1-7 TAT

The desired username must be inactive for 1Y+ & +5L

Payment Methods:

Fees must be covered by the buyer.

Other Twitter Services

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·EXCLUSIVE Twitter OG Usernames (100$-100k$) | OG Mail Included

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Just Started a ticket for a Generic case !

any vouches?

just started 1 case here, offsite I delivered a bunch… :grin: :grin:

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What’s starting price for 6L+ non generics?

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Replied !

great man for claim

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Got 1 slot more ! Only taking a clear & suitable case.


1 Slot Available. (3/01/2024)

Started second ticket !

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I saw that this was bumped. X no longer does complimentary name changes and agencies can’t request on behalf of clients. They charge and there are certain requirements for brands to be eligible.

I’m not saying you can’t do this, but when was the last successful name change that you did? I’ve had a direct relationship with Twitter since 2008 and so I’m very confused if you can actually deliver this based on the info I’ve been given.

I hope you can, but please clarify :blush:

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Hello man, I see you like to say “I’m here since 2018”, feel free to ask any of @SWAPD Administrators when was the last Successful Claim I’ve done. :wink::pray:

Or you could be transparent and tell me yourself since I asked. I wasn’t hating on you at all; Asking for clarification as I may have some business I can send your way.

Your thread has no recent activity and your feedback is very generic, so not easy to tell when the last claim was.

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