Twitter Page with 2.1Million Followers with 40% U.S. Followers

Property type: Twitter
Amount of fans/followers: 2,157,420
Topic: Facts/General Knowledge

Description: Niche segment of smart followers, hardly available in any other account.
Top Countries - US and UK
1.5 Million+ impressions per day.
Making $800 per weekly via ads platform
Reason for sale - Need money and no time to manage.

P.S. - Respond only when you are interested to buy. I’ve already rejected a offer of $50,000

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Please publicly post some earning proofs

Have added Paypal Amount Received Screenshot.

While initially this account seems impressive (2.1m followers), I believe the price is super unjustified. I don’t like knocking sellers down because it shouldn’t be my business, but this is overpriced by a wide margin, because:

  1. 40m impressions a month is very good, but not for a 2m account. We have personally sold 200-300k accounts that netted 40-60m impressions a month, every month. And they have sold for 2-3K

  2. In our six years of operation, I have never seen/heard of a Twitter account sell for so much.

  3. Twitter is currently in turmoil, they laid off 9% of their workforce and there is a slight risk of them shutting down a few years from now. To all people who say (there are plenty) “lol, they would never shut Twitter down” just look at Vine. Just a few months ago Twitter shut that app down, despite being wildly popular. Social platforms are just websites, they come and go (MySpace), so no one in their right mind will invest six digits into something that may be gone in 10 months.

As said previously, I don’t like to chime in on prices, but when I see very unreasonable requests such as this one I have to chime in.


Can you please share the url?

PM Url?

Pm handle please

If you can find me a twitter account that has 20-60 million impressions per month for 2-3k… i would call you a God.

PM me details

SOLD! Thank you for using SWAPD. (After 7 months! Talk about sellers presitance :D)

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