Twitter Verification

Service type:Twitter Verification
Price: 7500 + fees

Description: I am one of the few who are still allowed to submit twitter verification requests since they removed the panel/portal.

I will select ONE handle each month to submit to maintain my relationships within Twitter; therefore the monthly best of my DM’s is going to go in ticket.

If you are interested, please DM me with the following:

+The Twitter Handle
+All the press you have (top 5)
+Other socials where you are verified
+Region where the account is based

Only public figures please, no brands/companies (except entertainment brands)!

BTC and Transferwise accepted




can you do for 1k?

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7.5K fixed price

@Hermes - Submitting is one thing, but getting approved? Did you approve anyone recently since the big Twitter hack?

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Twitter done a mass amount of verifications yesterday, so interested to see if this service is back as well as derpys. I mean @Goofy

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Have a client with excellent press and other accounts verified. Ready to pay 3k if that’d do.

7500 ? I got two of pages verified recently with price 2000/account. Is it that expensive. I am scared about mine considering he did it of so cheap. hopefully he didn’t do anything illegal

if your guys that cheap, bring him to Swapd :eyes:


He is a local Media solutions Provider. But thats a nice Idea. Will let him know.


I haven’t submitted yet since the hack. However, I am in touch with backend support a lot and it looks like the delays they experienced are finally over.

On top of that, if you look at verification trackers, the Twitter staff is very active in verifying again.

I’m not gonna guarantee approval but at the same time I only accept 1 handle each month and it has to be top tier. This drastically increases the chances of approval.

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I might consider doing a discounted review order. Please send me the client and the press.

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Supply and demand.

Sure. Happy to leave a review too. Sending you all details.

What are the chances of this being removed?

I’ve had a friend’s business account get verified in the past, and after a few days it was removed.

If the press is legit enough and you follow the Twitter rules, it can’t be removed.

I’m doing this the legit way.

Still looking for a good eligible client for this month!

Sent you PM.

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