Twitter/X Golden Check Mark Service | $350

Twitter/X Org Verification Service:

Our comprehensive service covers the entire process of obtaining verified organization status on Twitter/X.

We provide assistance in obtaining the golden check mark, guidance on building your account, and more. Additionally, we offer the option to provide a secure crypto card for subscription purchases (additional charges apply)

TAT: maximum 48 hours from purchase subscription


  • Basic Plan: $350 + Fees (monthly & yearly plans)
  • Full Access Plan: $1300 + Fees (monthly & yearly plans)

Note: We can also do crypto/NFT accounts + you have to pay subscription fees to Twitter/X



if rejected then you will get refund

hey PM me lets do a test

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So this costs $350 per year? What do you mean by Full Access? Can I still use my account like before with the basic plan?

twitter offers two plan for golden verification

So what is your fee?

So what price does this service cost? $350 per year? Or what?

prices are the fees

Ping me Iā€™m interested

Still available?

Yes! Check your DM

super fast service

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Thank you!!

hi i need this service for this account