Unique Opportunity for OnlyFans Models to Earn Substantially More Money from adding a Button to their Linktree (high ticket high converting offer you get 40%)

I have made over $400,000+ from Onlyfans between me and my partner on both our pages combined.

We are offering for other Onlyfans models to post our high converting “How to Make Money on Onlyfans” Course link on their Linktree/Beacons pages where they’re already getting tons of people to see to click over to their OF links. By adding our course, you will receive 40% of the course sales generated from your linktree/beacons page for no extra work in your day to day life, other than taking 3 seconds to add the link to your linktree/beacons page.

Our course is $250, so you’d make $100 every time we get a course sale. We use affiliate tracking in order to make sure you got paid your 40%.

It’s easy, simple, and takes no extra work to add to your model(s) linktree/beacons page for really high extra income.

Regarding SWAPD’s fees, because I wanna make sure SWAPD gets paid too and oversees all of this, me and SWAPD will figure out the logistics on how they’ll be getting paid from every transaction that’s been brought in from one of you guys from SWAPD. You would get your 40%, and SWAPD would get their % from my part of the money.

PM me if you want to see the course site, or have any questions.

is the course publicly available ?

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You cannot sell courses on SWAPD unless you’re VIP or higher.

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DM me details

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I’d be down
I run a big egirl page on tiktok