Unique Services - What qualifies as a unique service?

Our Unique Services section is reserved for services that are one of a kind and hard to obtain anywhere else. SWAPD expects that the services offered in this section are 100% verified and 100% deliverable. We have created this knowledge base article to go over what’s allowed/disallowed in the Unique Service section.

What is NOT allowed in the Unique Service section

  • services that have a probability rate of being completed. Unless it’s 100%, you cannot post it on SWAPD
  • services that rely on simply filling out official forms and hoping for the best
  • services that rely on contacting support and hoping for the best
  • non-unique services, such as website maintenance/web design, article writing, etc.

What IS allowed in the Unique Service section

We can’t cover every subject matter here, but basically, the service has to live up to the category name, it has to be “unique.” The service has to offer results that very few other people are able to offer, and the delivery rate has to be 100%.

SWAPD reserves the right to shut down any listing without prior notice if we believe the service rendered isn’t unique. We will provide exceptions for users who are willing to prove themselves by creating a free (one time) test service to a SWAPD staff member.