[Updated] Top USA - 300K Pets/Animal page - making 400$ a month

182K followers now (+ 40K followers in 2 month)

Post of the last 15 hours (blurred out the name)

Nice account, good luck.

username and c/o please


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Lets bump it up shall we

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Post of 24 hours. This page is in bed with explore page

Handle please and last price

Thought I’d mention this!
I’ve tried to do a dropshipping website and then promoted it on my page. Got some results (the website is pretty bad as you can see from the 0.5% conversion rate)

Posted just 18 hours ago.
Will increase price once I hit 200k
(Growing 300-500 followers per day with just posting twice a day)

Just organic posting for one week. No likes from big pages or shoutours or follows/unfollows. (Posting just twice a day)



Do I even have to say anything? See the results for yourself.
Will be bumping up the price
By the way
Its 188k followers now!

193k followers now!
Here is the post stats from 7 hours ago.
Price will increase soon

Just hit 200K followers!

  • made 40-50$ this week from the page

205K now

Potential income ways :fist:t2:

Page has now 209k followers

216k now :slight_smile: