Upgrade complete!


We’ve upgraded servers today! If you’re experiencing problems with our iOS/Android app (lack of notifications), please restart the app. If that doesn’t work, please disconnect the app from your device and reinstall it. Thank you!


SwapD’s going big

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This will also bring the monthly expenses up, so we have to fire you, @RandyMarsh. Sorry! It’s just biznins!


I am also dumping the MiddleMan.co project :frowning: I just don’t have the time to run two SWAPDs.

Who founded the SWAPD idea name?

What does it stand for? I’m curious as you could’ve went with the obvious middleman.co where the name made more sense at first

Where as of now SWAPD sounds way better.

Sucks that you’re named after it tho.

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Swapd is cooler imo


Ugh, now that I think of it, I don’t want to dump the MM project :confused: I will give it another shot.
I just got tired of paying for it every month for a year and not making any progress, my monthly upkeep costs are already painful.

Anyway, to answer your question @Comfy, I tried to buy MiddleMan.com first, it was taken. The guy wanted 50K for it. Then I tried to buy MiddleMan.co, it was taken. The guy wanted 4500 USD for it. So that’s why we’re called SWAPD :smiley: - As far as who came up with it? @shaunthomas and I were brainstorming for two weeks trying to pick a name. We were tossing words out, SWAPD came up, and we instantly liked it. It’s brandable, fits the niche, and it’s short + easy to remember.

Now I’ve been trying to buy SWAPD.com for two years now, but the guy wants like 100K. He keeps saying that “he will do something with the site soon” but his site has been a one-page lander since forever. I hate not having it as newbies always make the mistake and go to .com, and many times people will ID verify with that site in the background :smiley:

After SWAPD took off, I got an idea to expand and make a LESS restrictive site (no audits/no opinion/no rules) just middleman’ing. So again, I tried to purchase MiddleMan.com, that’s a no go. It’s owned by the Domain King and he is just an absolute worst person to deal with. Went back to the .co guy, and he went down from 4500 to 700 USD, so I’ve bought it :smiley:


Domain King? AKA Rick Schwartz? I sold him a domain not so long ago, he’s great to deal with. maybe you just couldn’t afford his quoted price so you complain.

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Hah, he was nice to you because he probably got a good deal which he will flip by adding an extra zero or two to the deal. He seemed very unprofessional when I approached him. Talking to him was like talking to a OGUser skid. Also, read up on his tactics. That guy likes to play dirty and trademarks phrases/words so he can steal (even active) domains.

That’s cool, I had a 800% roi selling the domain to him so I don’t care for how much he sells it.

I’ve never heard of that trademarks scheme, source? because he is very popular within the domaining community and I doubt he was that popular if he did what you said he does.

Not going to Google for you. But after my interaction with him, I was amazed at how he behaved so I wanted to find out a little more about him. I found a few people complained about being bullied by him, but I am not sure if those reports had any merit. I am sure a man in his position will get attacked left and right so who knows if the articles were true.

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Our server admins just wrote this back when I told them not to cancel MiddleMan:

Damn it, now I have to do it.

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You’ve also single handedly made the price increase for him by establishing this website especially if hes wondering why hes getting a sudden surge of traffic and has found this site.

Also, what am I suppose to do if Swapd is down for an extended period of time, like 5 minutes?

You’re in luck, I’ve made a mistake, the upgrade is scheduled for tomorrow, not today. Whoops.

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That’s probably the most substnatial evidence I’ve seen to date that there is a god.

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Ehh, so we’ve upgraded but at the moment uploads are broken and some images are missing. It’s never easy, is it?