USA Top 2 210k Facebook page

Country of followers (majority): international
Amount of followers: 210k
Topic/Niche: music, celebrities, fashion, games, sneakers
Promotion methods used? No
(Organic/S4S/Follow Unfollow/Engagement Networks): organic shares in my network

USA Top 2 Facebook page

Hi there
I am selling this page perfect for monetizing live video games
in case of monetization the cpm will already be higher due to the quality audience from premium countries
Page quality is in green but yellow with limited original content but that won’t be a problem, here on Swapd there is a member who can remove all these restrictions and monetize the page, it doesn’t cost too much.

If you buy in the next 24 hours
With the page, the buyer will receive the following extras:

35k Facebook group

Influence deals
One month free shares on my Facebook network with over 100M reach daily
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Blueprint how to monetize the page for free without third-party help

Blueprint how to post on social media organically

Blueprint to boost publications in premium countries with very low budgets $150 $300 monthly and maintaining a boosted reach of 5M 15M daily

Blueprint how to direct page followers to onlineshop, instant articles or website links using page stories

I have other pages for sell, if the customer prefers, I can also create pages from scratch with the name the customer wants
If the customer is new on this platform and needs advice on how to invest and rentabilize their money even with a small budget, don’t hesitate in get in touch with me, for free I will try to give my best advice based on my experience, we are a community and we can help each other

Exclusive services on Swapd platform
Please do not contact offsite!

Hi. Can you dm me the links to video games pages? Thanks

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it’s not clear is the instant article working or not ?

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at the moment monetization and instant articles are not working but you can activate these options later…

can you give page link and also instant articles/in stream ads enabed?

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How can u help regarding that fulfill the terms and conditions and when it is back to work i request review ?

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can you send me the link please

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The link please

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Private box

Thank you

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Hi there
if you want to work with instant articles
Please contact this member, he will give you the best support. @fatmirag

You can buy pages with instant articles already activated from him or you can buy a page from my network and this member can activate the instant articles for you or monetization with add breaks

I have several pages to sell with some premium audience.

Once you have the instant articles or monetization activated i can promote your pages on my 100M daily reach network

Feel free to contact me by private message
I will try to clarify all your doubts

Member services link

Thank you for mentioning.

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You are welcome :sweat_smile::pray::raised_hands:🥷

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New recent insights…
If you buy in next 24h
You will receive a 35k Facebook group for free
Best offer +Swapd fees

Price and link please.

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all pages available for sale
Thank you

I didn’t receive the links.

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