User/staff tagging etiquette

We kindly ask you not to abuse our tagging system and don’t unnecessarily tag multiple admins/mods/users via a direct tag or the @Administrators tag. When you @tag the staff members too much, it sends out numerous notifications that we have to check. Doing so frequently spams our notification wall with links to the same ticket/PM, which is a burden for staff to review. The same goes for tagging other (non-staff) users. There is no need to mention the @handle with every reply because when you reply to a thread/PM, the user gets a notification anyway. Unfortunately, some users abusively tag everyone in every response, thus tripling/quadrupling the number of notifications sent.

How to use the tags correctly?

Here are some tips:

  • You don’t have to @tag the admin/user name with your reply. Every user in this conversation will receive a notification with your answer, regardless if you tag us or not. Tagging our handles with your response sends us two notifications.

  • Use the @Administrators only if you don’t hear from any admin in a while. We currently have seven admins on staff. When you tag @Administrators, you send out a notification to all of them, even admins not assigned to that particular ticket/PM/topic.

Only staff can see site-wide tags.

Please remember, tagging a user inside private messages who is not included in the list of recipients will not notify him of your tag. Only @Administrators and @moderators are capable of being summed via a @tag inside private messages and checkout tickets. In public topics, however, tagging users will send them a notification.