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Instagram & TikTok Username Claims | Fast & Cheap

Anti-monster week! First 5 customers of this week will get huge $$ discount! :bomb:

Have you ever dreamed of something unattainable? If it was a unique nickname on Instagram or TikTok - I have good news for you! Mystery INC. comes out to meet the expectations of its customers and introduces Username Claim service on both platforms!

If your account is verified and you need to change username this service will cost only 200$! :blue_heart:


:camera_flash: Instagram:

  • :ng: Only Non-generic names

(6+ letter, no names and surnames, etc.)

  • :skull: Dead account

(Inactive for min. 8 months)

:musical_note: TikTok:

  • :rainbow: Generic and Non-generic names

(TaT and price will be higher on generic names)

  • :skull: Dead account

(Inactive for min. 8 months)


:camera_flash: Instagram: 600$ + fees

:musical_note: TikTok: 750$+ + fees
(price depends on G/NG)

:musical_note::white_check_mark: Verified TikTok: 200$ + fees


  • Desired nickname can be delivered to you on fresh account or can be swapped to your account.

(Price might change a bit depending on chosen option)

TaT: 0 - 10 days.
(TaT in special cases can change a bit, you will be informed along)

Don’t wait for someone to steal your nickname, write a PM and let’s start the deal! :gem:

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