Verified Facebook Page

Property type:Facebook Page
Amount of fans/followers:9k (Can delete them if you’d like)
Topic:Verified page ( Quotes are being posted just for activity)

Description: It’s been verified for 2 years, the page’s name can’t be changed from you. But if you decide to buy I can change it instantly without facebook review.

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Thank you and good luck with sales!

Hi there!

Would it be possible to see the url and some screenshots of the geos and last posts activity?


Just sent you a message.


Is there a typo? 9k likes for $10,000?

There is no typo. That’s the price which is high because of the verified badge(blue). It has its own advantages, unless you don’t know.


Tha price is quite high in my Opinion, Hope you find a buyer. Good luck with sales!

I believe we all realize that. It’s just the blue badge alone doesn’t justify the high price tag. For example, on, verified Fanpages (100k) sell for 5-8k.

But, I am rooting for you. Hope you find a seller :slight_smile:
Good luck.

Yeah, I sold them for 1-3k$ during the time pages actually got verified. It’s almost impossible now(at least for me).
And as for 100k or 10k, it is always better if it is from 0 likes. I mean I sold pages to brands, they start off with their audience, oh and that’s not a problem I can send it to 100k in a month if you’re ready to pay a bigger price.

However thanks for rooting out for me.

Thanks, good luck with Swapd.


Are you taking offers?

Sorry for my late reply, ofc make your offer I’ll consider it.

Thanks again.


2-3k is going rate. PM if you want to sell for that range.

Price is dropped on 6k.
You’re welcome.

Hello, do you have this or any other verified page still available?

send me details please

I will buy the page for 2K

send url please

Old topic. Closing.