Verified & Functional STRIPE Account for DROPSHIPPERS / Ecom Store Owners

Account type: Stripe (Payment Gateway for Ecommerce Store)
Price: $300


Hey Swapdsters!
I’m providing verified and fully functional Stripe Account for dropshippers / ecommerce store owners who are out from those regions whom Stripe does not support.

I will create, verify and approved the stripe account on your domain.
Stripe will be created on Virtual Number + Original Person / Company Details of Germany.
( Documents can be provided too for further charges )

It can be used smoothly for recieving payments through Credit / Debit Cards on your ecommerce store.


For payments you can attach your TransferWise or Payoneer US / EU Bank details to recieve payments.

All the payments that comes into stripe will automatically be withdrawn into your account and will arrive exactly in 9 days. ( You won’t have to do anything payment will be in your account right after 9 days)

Usually stripe doesn’t create any problems like PayPal by putting restrictions or limitations on it. Its works very smoothly with no worries.
But if due to fraudulent activity or suspicious payments stripe does give any restrictions or ask for verifications then I will fix your account 100% in 1 to 3 days. ( Paid )

I’m happy to provide answers to all questions.
Pm me for details.

For people whose countries doesn’t support paypal too can pm me, i can make PayPal accounts verified and functional for dropshipping too

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Not to undercut your service, but I’ve used the same method.
Stripe TOS on Dispute Rate: Must be less than 1% which means 10 out of 1.000 successful transactions.
For Dropshippers, it is impossible, and will end up in too high of dispute rate, and get limited by Stripe.
I’ve scaled up to 1/4 million dollar business. 1% dispute rate is impossible.

What most likely will happen is the Stripe account being limited for 3 months.
Just like PayPal, but better, since PayPal is 6 months (180 days) limitation.
Meaning, all the balance, payment etc stucked within the account and you can’t do anything about it.

But still though, if you are not dropshippers and you believe that there will be less than 1% dispute rate (People stealing other’s credit card, Kids using their parent’s credit card, or someone that just being a bad person wanting things for free) and still less than 1% dispute rate, go for it.

PS: I’m talking on behalf of my own experience using the same method.