Verified instagram account (OG Email)

Can you update the status of this ticket?

Interested in knowing the handle if its available. Thanks.

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Please write account name

Interested to find out the status of this ticket as well. Still on the market, @Worldstar ?

What’s the handle of this account?

I’m interested! What’s the @?

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Hey everyone this account is currently still in process of being sold, just waiting on payment to come through to finalize. Will probably be closed soon.

I do have another verified Instagram with low amount of followers and comes with the og email if you are interested comment on the new listing thanks

Send the Handle. Can I change Its name later?
let me know your asking price.


Not true, you can say its a rebrand of a brand

If you buy a verified profile, it is assumed that you don’t have the material (press wiki etc) to verify your own, so if you buy Appah and sell clothes, how do you rebrand in SMM, re-selling machines?

If you’ve ever had access to a media partner panel, you should know that the name request must be almost similar, not totally different :slight_smile: you’ve been verified as @appah_official, so you can request @appah _ for sure you’ll never, ever ask @dogsandcats

PS with my reply, I was referring to the guy who said if once renamed he lost the badge, and I told him, that he can’t do the renaming manually, but he has to request it through media support.

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This account is available again the last ticket buyer had payment issues and could not deliver the funds successfully.

PM current best offer, and I’ll see what I can do.


interested - please send the handle

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Can you PM Handle please ? thanks


do you have media partner panel?

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Please share handle

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DM’d all

can you PM me this handle.

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Whats the insta handle

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