Verified YouTube Account 100K Subs

Amount of subscribers: 98,500
Country of subscribers (majority): US
Topic/Niche: Gaming, Call of Duty, GTA
Promotion methods used? (Organic/Paid/Engagement Networks/Software/Automation): Organic engagement, as you can tell by views even without posting videos.

Description: This is a verified YouTube account that is in the gaming niche. It mainly focuses on Call of Duty and GTA. I have not posted in a while, which is why I am selling the channel.

I have the YouTube play button for reaching 100K subscribers that I can send pictures of if you are interested. This channel has a very loyal base of followers. It is still getting about 10,000 views every month and that is without posting a video in almost 4 years. The potential is endless for this channel. Just started it for fun, so the monetization was just turned on this summer.

This channel could easily be making over $120K per year! with just a few months of consistent uploads. That is why the price is set at $100K. This is an incredible opportunity for someone looking to start a channel around gaming. Please PM me with any questions.

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Send over the link. I may be interested but the price would have to be much lower given that it’s been inactive for almost 4 years.

Just because the channel could earn $120.000 a year after a few months doesn’t mean that you can base your current pricing on that assumption.

Just PM’d you.

Screen Shot 2020-10-28 at 10.56.03 AM

Screenshots of last 28 days?

can I see link

Please share link…im greatly interested

After looking into it I dont think this is a good buy I have seen actual channels that had recent videos and good engagement and more subs go this price and this channel hasnt had anything videos up in 4 four years so its hard to say what will happen if you rebrand and start uploading again at best channel would be worth 5-8k cause theres no proof of engagement or long term engagement

Thank you for your interest!

Pm link

PM me link. I am interested and can move fast.

Time for my weekly rant on way too overpriced accounts.

Everybody say it out loud with me “you cant price assets based potiental”

Ok in its hay day, in its entire lifetime this channel earned $1112 almost all of it back in 2013. The channel is pretty much dead now last update was 4 years ago, you will get nowhere near the same views now, and to get there it will take a alot of time/resources. But lets assume for a sec that it still does. And lets assume that for a sec that $1k is pure yearly profit (its not it was in between 2012 and 2015) at a super generous 3x multiplier thats $3k. Lets add another extremely generous $10k for a 100k sub channel with a dead but premium audience. If im being as generous as a saudi price trying to woo his potienal 4th wife, this channel is 13k (its really not that still too much for it).

So my question @sirpiffington how on gods green earth did you come up with 120k!!! Come on …

Ill ask what i always ask in these rants, do you seriously want to sell the account? Im not sure i understand why people do this!

Can the account potentially churn out 120k annually , offcourse! As much as 20k account or 1k account can!

You cant price an asset based on what potentially it might cost when you have ZERO financial proof that its able to.

This new trends of absurdly overpriced accounts and waayyy too many babe accounts need to stop but thats a rant for another day.

Also @sirpiffington food for thought but if you think your dead channel with 1k earned lifetime goes for 100k what do think an active 100k subs channel earning 120k yearly goes for … tens millions based on your calculations

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Thank you for your comments!

I completely agree with you @m.ashraf …This is way overboard for a dead channel like this…With unknown potential and not much of a great history…Can we please ask thar sir @sirpiffington comes up with a reasonable price for us to work with…A really reasonable price

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Link please. Thanks

I agree the channel is worth 1-3k at best because I have gaming channels with 2k subs getting more engagement than his did while his was active

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I hate overpriced things, but the worth is whatever a person is willing to pay. @sirpiffington can you please tell me what your current best offer is?

It may be within your best interest to adjust based on offers received. I know you want to maximize the amount of money you’re receiving, but you need to be realistic.

I really appreciate all the comments from everyone.

The current offer is $75K for the channel.

I know the worth of this channel for several reasons:

  1. It has over 80% of the viewers located in the US. From all that I have seen on here…that is crazy good, and can be used for lots of things.
  2. It has a verified check from YouTube confirming that my subscribers are real, and I did not purchase them. I have found too many people on here that have bought subscribers that will never turn into anything monetary.
  3. I have the YouTube play button for the channel to give it extra legitimacy that it reached 100K subscribers, for reassurance of the buyer.
  4. I am still getting 350 views per day without even posting a single video in years, which means that subscribers are still viewing my videos and YouTube is still putting me high in the search algorithm. All it takes is a few months of consistent posting for someone to start making major money.

That is why the channel is priced the way it is. Like I said, currently as of 11/02/20 the best offer is $75K. Thank you all for your interest.

Lifetime subscribers from top five countries are 113.6, how is this possible?

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