Very Active USA Trump Group for Sale - 21,600 Members

Country of followers (majority): USA

Amount of fans/followers: 21,600

Topic/Niche: Political - Trump

Promotion methods used? (Organic/S4S/Follow Unfollow/Engagement Networks): Organic

Description: Very active Trump Group for sale, Goes for the best offer.

Group has crazy engagement, just some few recent posts and discussions:

@SWAPD would it be possible to add USA tag?


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Hi can you send me the link and last price please

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Please let me know the latest price.


Please pm me with your last price.

Hi can you send me link and best offer so far plz

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@ICEMAN @Slipkorn

The best price is 500$ right now.


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Group still available.

Get yourself a conservative news site and direct traffic to get the ad money.

These guys in this group go 24/7 and are very active.

I see several people directing traffic to their WP sites with articles they copy to the group.

Since it’s under-moderated by me as I dont have any time for this so I will just let it happen.

You can just disable the option for them to post links and only direct daily news from your own site.

The Trump folk is going nuts before the 2020 and you should see a massive amount of new members, great potential who ever has time and willingness to deal with that.

Shoot me your offer. Only BTC deals.

Still up.

Connect your Teespring or Printful page and start pumping shirts, group is very active and engaging.

I believe groups arent permitted here… @Alpha @Administrators

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Not anymore. Should check first.

They are now allowed again - the announcement we made about the issue was marked as resolved.



Still available.

“I believe…” GLWS

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