Want To Sell Taboola Advertising Accounts

Account type: Taboola Advertising

Price: $250

$250 Per Account OR, Cheaper pricing available in bulk buys.

Before Making A Selling Ticket, I am available to show accounts via a secure remote service such as Teamviewer and Anydesk.

I will not sell outside of SWAPD, all transactions must be made through here for our safety when trading.

Description: High-quality aged Taboola advertising accounts for sale. Mixed GEO, UK, USA mainly.

The accounts also come with a guarantee, if your campaign doesn’t run then you are entitled to a free replacement.

Accounts are ready for advertising, blackhat and/ or whitehat campaigns.

Account life will depend on the content you promote, example, if you decide to use methods such as cloaking then your account may not last for a long time, however, if you were to promote something lets say, above board, lead gen pages, etc, your account could last a lot longer.

I have more than 30 available for sale, I haven’t figured out how I can list in bulk here yet, perhaps when we come to make a deal, we can make the transaction for bulk and do it securely with an admin here on the marketplace.

Accounts are threshold billing type, you will need to add a card to the account

(I recommend when you add your card, you try to match closely to the billing profile which is already on the account where applicable, USA billing, you would use a USA card, etc.)

I am a very fair seller, looking for long term business, I chose SWAPD to sell my accounts and services as its safe for the buyer and seller.


I do however replace the account for FREE if your campaign does not run/ spend.

Looking forward to your messages.

Best regards,


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I might be interested in this, will let you know.

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Have they been advertised on for even $1?

Were they approved as advertiser accounts or publisher accounts?

Any domains attached? If so, are they included in sale of account?

Yes, majority of the accounts have spent $.

Some as low as $10 and some as high as $90k

They are approved as advertising accounts, no domains required with the sale as they are no publisher accounts.

Thank you for your interest.

Still for sale :white_check_mark:

Prices as low as $100 in bulk buys!

Best Offers Accepted above $100 Pay per account.

Fast service.

Still Have More For Sale!

Do you have publisher accs?

Reopening. However, I’d like to note that this seller DOESN’T include the emails associated with the accounts, and you cannot change the email to your own on Taboola. It’s crazy, I know. But some people are willing to purchase this, anyway. Proceed at your own risk.

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Thank you,

this is correct!

If your buying this, you will understand the reason for this statement, if not, ill explain if you contact me.

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More Accounts In Stock 07/02/2020